Workshop Learning Outcomes

Workshop category TitleLearning Outcome
Sources of new businessClients Learn how to mine your existing client base for new business. We’ll focus on the importance of doing good work and discuss how to be more comfortable when asking your clients for new work.
Sources of new businessColleaguesLearn how to generate new business from colleagues. We’ll discuss specific methodologies for generating new business from both current and former colleagues.
Sources of new businessWheels of influenceLearn how to develop wheel of influence contacts. Wheels of influence are professional service people who work with your existing clients. They’re one of the most undervalued aspects of a professional network.
Sources of new businessCenters of influenceLearn how to develop center of influence contacts. Centers of influence are professional service people who serve a similar clientele. We’ll discuss how to ensure that your centers of influence turn into valuable referral sources.
Sources of new businessStrategic alliancesLearn how to develop strategic alliances with other professional service firms. We’ll discuss how to choose wisely when selecting strategic alliance partners and how to develop and maintain successful alliances.
Sources of new businessUnsolicited lead generationLearn how to develop new business from unsolicited lead generation. We’ll discuss when you should turn to unsolicited lead generation and we’ll walk through a four-step process for conducting an unsolicited lead generation campaign.
Current clientsClient service valuesLearn how to decide on your client service values. We’ll help you choose the client service values that will guide everything you do.
Current clientsClient service processLearn how to deliver outstanding client service. We’ll discuss how to utilize client service meetings to demonstrate your overarching commitment to your clients.
Current clientsTax planningLearn how to use tax planning as a business development tool. We’ll discuss how to use tax planning as a tactical tool and how to open a broader conversation about a client’s future.
Current clientsDiscovery planningLearn about the process of discovery planning. Discovery planning focuses on understanding a client’s hopes, goals, aspirations and fears with the ultimate goal of making recommendations to help the client prepare successfully for the future.
MessagingWhat clients wantLearn what clients want from their accountants. We’ll discuss what factors are most important to clients when choosing an accountant. We’ll also analyze areas where accountants regularly fail to meet client expectations.
MessagingCompetitive analysisLearn how to perform a competitive analysis. We’ll discuss a process for analyzing your competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
MessagingCompetitive advantageLearn how to craft your competitive advantage. We’ll discuss how to match your core competencies with market opportunities. We’ll also walk through a step-by-step process for figuring out your own competitive advantage.
MessagingElevator pitchLearn how to craft your elevator pitch. We’ll discuss how to craft your own elevator pitch and we’ll offer a few tips for what not to do when writing your own elevator pitch.
MessagingIssue-solution-benefit narrativeLearn how to write issue-solution-benefit narratives. Issue-solution-benefit narratives connect common issues with the solutions your firm can provide.
MarketingProposalsLearn how to generate audit proposals. We’ll discuss how to put forth a clear, concise, value-driven proposal that separates you from the pack.
MarketingCrafting PresentationsLearn how to craft a presentation. We’ll discuss how to write content effectively and how to structure a presentation.
MarketingDelivering presentationsLearn how to deliver a presentation. We’ll discuss how to assert your presence and how to use visual aids.
MarketingHandling live Q&ALearn how to handle live Q&A. We’ll walk through an eight-step process for what to do when you’re leading a Q&A session.
NetworkingB2B firm mixersLearn how to throw successful business-to-business mixers. We’ll discuss how to structure B2B mixers to make them enjoyable and productive and we’ll offer a few tips to make your event a success.
NetworkingB2C mixersLearn how to throw successful business-to-client mixers. We’ll discuss how to host two different types of B2C mixers — informational events and hospitality events.
NetworkingNetworking tools and techniquesLearn how to get the most out of networking events. We’ll discuss what to do before, during and after a networking event to maximize its value.
ProspectsIdeal client profileLearn how to write an ideal client profile. We’ll discuss how to write your own ideal client profile and how to integrate your ideal client profile into your marketing and prospecting efforts.
ReferralsReferral meeting processLearn how to conduct meetings with referral sources. We’ll discuss the benefits of following a defined referral meeting process and we’ll walk through a step-by-step process for getting the most out of your referral source meetings.
ReferralsReferral pieceLearn how to create a referral piece. A referral piece is a one- to two-page document that describes who your ideal client is and explains why you’re a good fit for your ideal client.
ReferralsReferral letterLearn how to write a referral letter. A referral letter is a useful tool for helping junior staff to start bringing in business. We’ll discuss how to identify potential contacts for the referral letter and how to draft the letter.
Sales processRelationshipsLearn how to build relationships with clients and prospective clients. We’ll focus on three key traits — likeability, trustworthiness and credibility.
Sales processNeedsLearn how to conduct a successful needs assessment. We’ll discuss three strategies for asking smart questions and we’ll walk through a process for how to approach the needs assessment meeting.
Sales processSolutions and demonstrationLearn how to present your solutions to a prospective client and how to offer a demonstration event as proof of your claims.
Sales processReservations and assurancesLearn how to overcome a prospective client’s reluctance to choose you as their accountant. We’ll discuss a process for how to uncover any reservations, address those reservations and assuage any doubts.
Sales processCommitment, next steps and reviewLearn about the commitment, next steps and review stages of the sales process. We’ll discuss how to gain commitment from prospective clients, which is the hardest part of the sales process for many accountants.
ManagementCompelling sagaLearn how to create a compelling saga. A compelling saga states your firm’s business development goals, unifying employees around a common purpose.
ManagementKnow your strengthsLearn about how to succeed in sales. We’ll dispel eight common sales myths and discuss how you can use your own talents to propel your success.
ManagementTargets and KPIsLearn how to set targets and key performance indicators. We’ll discuss how to set realistic and achievable targets and KPIs and how to simplify the process to make it easy to track and understand.
ManagementIndividual business development planLearn how to create an individual business development plan. We’ll discuss the benefits of creating individual business development plans and we’ll learn how to create your own business development plan.
ManagementStaffingLearn how to hire business development staff. We’ll focus on the importance of filling three specific roles — business development champion, business development coach and business development coordinator.
ManagementCoachingLearn about the importance of business development coaching. We’ll discuss how to run both group and individual coaching sessions.
ManagementMentoringLearn about the importance of offering a mentoring program at your firm. We’ll discuss what it takes to be a good mentor and how to create a mentoring program at your firm.
NichesWhy niche and which nicheLearn about developing a niche practice. We’ll discuss the benefits of developing a niche and we’ll walk through a process for choosing your niche.
NichesNiche levels and how to nicheDelve deeper into developing a niche. We’ll discuss a number of specific strategies to help you successfully grow a niche.
NichesNiche planLearn how to develop a niche plan. We’ll discuss the purpose of having a niche plan and learn what to include in a niche plan.


(www) book references

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www #Document title
1Client classification
2Client matrix
3Referral database
4Wheel of influence map
5Ideal client profile
6SWOT analysis
7Campaign strategy
8Call script
9Frequently asked questions
10Campaign report
11Tax planning observations and ideas
12Audit management letter comments
13Discovery planning form
14Discovery planning – planning category report
15Discovery planning – strengths, opportunities and fears questions
16Discovery planning – strengths, opportunities and fears report
17Client data search cues
18Firm survey
19Tax and audit evaluations
20Change order
21Client welcome needs assessment
22Ian’s life plan
23Style guide
24Video testimonial
25Presentation skeleton
26Referral piece
27Referral email
28Referral letter
29Prospect research profiles
30Questions roadmap
31ISBN questions
32Meeting report summary
33Niche plan
34Creating targets and KPIs
35Individual business development plan
36Comparative team report
37Individual performance report

Workshop resources

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Workshop category Workshop title WorkbookOther resources
Sources of new businessClientsWorkbookClient matrix
Client classification
Sources of new businessColleaguesWorkbook
Sources of new businessWheels of influenceWorkbookWheel of influence map
Referral database
Sources of new businessCenters of influenceWorkbookReferral database
Sources of new businessStrategic alliancesWorkbook
Sources of new businessUnsolicited lead generationWorkbookSWOT analysis
Campaign strategy
Frequently asked questions
Call script
Campaign report
Current clientsClient service valuesWorkbook
Current clientsClient service processWorkbook
Current clientsTax planningWorkbookTax planning observations and ideas
Current clientsDiscovery planningWorkbookDiscovery planning
Discovery planning – planning category report
Discovery planning – strengths, fears and opportunities questions
Discovery planning – strengths, fears and opportunities report
MessagingWhat clients wantWorkbook
MessagingCompetitive analysisWorkbook
MessagingCompetitive advantageWorkbook
MessagingElevator pitchWorkbook
MessagingIssue-solution-benefit narrativeWorkbook
MarketingCrafting presentationsWorkbook Presentation skeleton
MarketingDelivering presentationsWorkbook
MarketingHandling live Q&AWorkbook
NetworkingB2B firm mixersWorkbook
NetworkingB2C mixersWorkbook
NetworkingNetworking tools and techniquesWorkbook
ProspectsIdeal client profileWorkbookIdeal client profile
ReferralsReferral meeting processWorkbook
ReferralsReferral pieceWorkbookReferral piece
ReferralsReferral letterWorkbookIdeal client profile
Referral database
Referral letter
Sales processRelationshipsWorkbook
Sales processNeedsWorkbookQuestions roadmap
ISBN questions
Sales processSolutions and demonstrationWorkbook
Sales processReservations and assurancesWorkbook
Sales processCommitment, next steps and reviewWorkbookMeeting report summary
ManagementCompelling sagaWorkbook
ManagementKnow your strengthsWorkbook
ManagementTargets and KPIsWorkbookCreating targets and KPIs
ManagementIndividual business development planWorkbookCreating targets and KPIs
Individual business development plan
NichesWhy niche and which nicheWorkbookX factor exercise
NichesNiche levels and how to nicheWorkbookNiche levels
NichesNiche planWorkbookX factor exercise
Niche plan